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iTron454 @ YouTube

My YouTube channel with videos feautering my 73 Corvette.


iTron454 @ HubGarage

My garage at

The Official Chevrolet Corvette website.



A Corvette commersial from 1953.


Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Greene, Kentucky.


Corvette Action Center

The ultimate online hub for Corvette news & information.

Sales, News & Lifestyle.

The ultimate online hub for Corvette news & information.


C3 Vette Registry

C3 Corvette info and forum.


Used Corvettes for sale

Why people are selling their Corvettes I don't know, but goodie for those of you who are looking for one.



Corvette @ Wikipedia


Corvette Stingray

The story behind the Corvette Stingray Concept car.


Corvette Fever

The Magazine - The Website


Corvette Central

The parts you need.


Corvette America

More of the parts you need.



They have the parts, but at the same time the worst customer service I have experienced buying Corvette parts.


Cruiser Blvd

A good selection of Corvette posters.


Amcar Norway

The Norwegian assosiation for american cars.

My personal website.

My trubadour friend Cliff Isaksen's personal website.


Vidar Myrvold

Fellow Corvette enthusiast and master restorer Vidar's website.


Pontiac Power

Even though it is a Pontiac, here is the link to my friend Tommy's Pontiac Trans Am website.

Why he drives a Pontiac you say? Beats me...









Hey man..


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